Our Story

Rather than tell you our story in a third person, airbrushed type way, we thought we’d let you have it direct from our founder, Duncan Nealon.

In 2009, I quit my job as Insight Director at McCann Erickson, to set up two ears one mouth. From the outset, I knew exactly what I wanted two ears to be.

I wanted it to be an insight agency focused solely on our clients’ interests and goals.

An insight agency that championed quality of insight over quantity of information.

A team that clients would feel comfortable phoning just for a point of view.

A truly methodologically neutral research agency, basing recommendations on the required outputs.

And an agency that I would want to work for as an employee, and work with as a client.

Enjoying what we do and how we do it is fundamental to our success as a business. If you were to shine a light into our office you would see happy faces and hear energetic chatter. It’s not that we’re not serious about what we do, but that we’re enjoying how we do it. This enables us to care about our work. At two ears, we care. We really do. And we care for the right reasons. We care because we get to know our clients and their businesses, and genuinely want them to succeed. We check early-read quant data not because we have to, but because we’re excited about what it says.

And we listen. The name two ears one mouth was an obvious choice. Yes, there was a desire for a memorable name, but more than that, it represents the core ethos that exists within our business. Just as we help you listen to the voice of your customer, so too, we listen to you as our client. We listen to what you tell us. And what you don’t. This helps us design projects perfectly suited to answering your business requirements and enables us to land the results into your business in a way that ensures maximum impact.

We see research and the associated insight as part of the search for effective marketing. A big part, yes, but still only part of the answer. This is why we go out of our way to
work collaboratively with other agencies within the marketing mix. Professional ego doesn’t exist with us.

I’ve always believed that agencies that grow steadily, are also agencies that shrink slowly. Despite growing year on year, we’re not constantly searching for the next ‘big win.’ We don’t want a revolving door of clients and are proud of the length of our client relationships. Since our inception, no-one has ever conducted only one project with us. We are deeply proud of this. It is the best summation of the quality of our work and how much we care as a team.

Technology has changed over the years and we have embraced these developments, but the cores of research and insight generation haven’t. The core of our industry remains listening to target audiences to uncover truths that will help brand owners. And we’re really quite good at that.